Nozinja "Nwa Baloyi"

Nozinja 'Nwa Baloyi'
Shangaan electro star Nozinja has streamed out a wonderfully manic, busy-beat preview from his forthcoming Nozinja Lodge LP, bumping up the BPMs ten-fold for his love-touched "Nwa Baloyi."

The song is an awesomely upbeat melange of caffeine junkie drum machine bursts, digitized pan flute piping, possibly pitch-shifted marimba, and a wobbling wave of Casio synth sounds, which all seem to be heading down the Limpopo River full blast. Above this, the South African singer passionately sends out a series of multi-lingual lines to his sweetie pie.

You can catch the high energy track down below, while the rest of Nozinja Lodge lands June 2 via Warp Records.