Novanova Memories

Initially, one would think with an album title like Memories that there’d be something to remember. Novanova probably isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but this electronica recording is actually appropriately titled. Based out of France, we have Marc Durif and Michel Gravil to thank for this creation — an ambient-trance mix set to electronic arrangements. Although, there are remnants of new age, transcontinental trance-like loops made popular by the Solitudes compilations we all know and love, facetiously speaking of course, it’s not too bad. Memories is a collection of tracks from their debut full-length release, La Chanson De Rolande from 1999, along with some unreleased tracks. There’s a distinctly European vibe to Memories, very much a sound not too often heard in these parts, but for what it’s worth, apropos the title of the album, it’s a tad memorable. (F Communications)