The Notwist "Boneless" (Panda Bear Remix)

The Notwist 'Boneless' (Panda Bear Remix)
At first, I ignored the fact that Panda Bear remixed the Notwist for this column because really, if I acknowledged every remix out there, even of artists I love, well, I'd never get to anything original. But then I remembered that I haven't heard much at all by Panda Bear in 2008, and then I actually listened to the track and that was all the convincing I needed.

Lifted from the long-awaited The Devil, You + Me, album highlight "Boneless" is a stunning, little, unassuming pop song. Give it to Panda Bear (aka Noah Lennox) and you get another stunning, little, unassuming pop song that sounds completely unrecognizable from its source material and arguably even better.

Much like the remixing approach of Sweden's Studio, Panda Bear takes "Boneless" and basically covers the song, in turn making it completely his own. Using some lyrics of the Notwist's, Lennox goes all psyche tropical, with delayed vocals, shimmering vibes and a looped sample of some guitar lifted from "Lonely Time" by forgotten Canadian folkies the Brazda Brothers (kudos to Gorilla vs Bear for posting an MP3 of it).

I'm dying to hear a follow-up to Person Pitch but remixes like this are more than enough to calm my impatience.

Boneless (Panda Bear Remix) - The Notwist