Nothing Guilty of Everything

Nothing Guilty of Everything
Good shoegaze never goes out of style, and Philly outfit Nothing seem to know it. On Guilty of Everything, the band's follow-up to their 2012 EP, Downward Years to Come, they've done their homework: towering distorted guitars, soaring falsettos and slamming, snare-heavy percussion evoke Slowdive's biggest moments, albeit with a little more passion.

Though hardly metal, Nothing distinguish themselves from their shoegaze forebears by eschewing sparkling beauty in favour of downright heaviness. Singer Dominic Palermo, formerly of mid-2000s hardcore troupe Horror Show, spent two years in prison only to find the year after his release even more trying: two of his childhood friends died, and he spent a lonely year in Los Angeles before deciding to return to Philly. There, he met Brandon Setta, with whom he solidified Nothing's sound and turned things around.

Guilty of Everything is thus an emotional affair, but it's balanced by moments of grandness, as walls of charging guitar that characterize singles and album highlights "Dig" and "Endlessly" lend highs to the otherwise sombre lows of songs like "Somersault" and "Beat Around the Bush." It's a bleak world; who'd have thought Nothing would provide the triumphant ray of sunshine through the clouds?

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