North of America Treat 'Elements of an Incomplete Map' to Vinyl Reissue

North of America Treat 'Elements of an Incomplete Map' to Vinyl Reissue
Canadian post-hardcore fans take note — beloved Haligonian quartet North of America have announced plans to reissue their seminal debut album Elements of an Incomplete Map.

The release first arrived as a CD-only release from Matlock Records in 1998. For the first time ever, it will now receive a vinyl release.

Remixed and remastered, the album will be pressed on 180-gram black vinyl. It's also got some updated artwork, as Halifax design concern Yo Rodeo have had their way with the album's cover. See the new art above.

In addition to the thick slab o' wax, North of America's album will come with some digital bonuses. This includes downloads of the Fork Fork Demo and The White Tape Demo. These feature previously unreleased songs and early versions of tracks that appeared on the album.

The vinyl edition of Elements of an Incomplete Map will arrive on November 4 via Noyes Records/North North Records. The tracklisting is available below, while you can pre-order the release here.

Elements of an Incomplete Map:

1. Cities and Plans
2. Telluride Canyon
3. Killed in the Ratings
4. The Life of Fortitude
5. Map of the Incomplete Elements
6. The Feeling of Being in Key
7. Essentials of the Knife Fight
8. Time Changes Technique
9. Photographic Presentment of a Crowd of Strangers
10. Eliel Saarinen

The White Tape Demo (digital bonus):

1. Eliel Saarinen
2. Cities and Plans
3. Apparitions Due to Strong Wishing
4. Essentials of the Knife Fight
5. Time Changes Technique
6. Walking in Greatcoats
7. Domestic 
8. The Emerald Table

Fork Fork Demo (digital bonus):

1. One
2. Two
3. Three