Non La Confronts the Complexities of Dating in "Not in Love" Video

It's the title track from this year's debut album
Non La Confronts the Complexities of Dating in 'Not in Love' Video
Vancouver indie pop songwriter DJ On is back with another video from his band Non La. Exclaim! has the premiere of "Not in Love."

The video is a love story that reflects the uneasy romance of the crunchy, harmony-tinged power pop tune, which is the title track from Non La's debut album from earlier this year. It was filmed back in January, and On explains that the song explores the role racial bias can play in dating. He tells Exclaim!:

This song is about the intricacies of dating as a person with a racialized body. For many people of colour dating outside your race can sometimes invoke complicated feelings. We ask ourselves questions like is this person interested in me only because of my race? Does this person see me as an equal? Does this person see me as a human being or just a sexual object? Through this song, I confront these questions and the people that force me to ask them.

Check out the video for "Not in Love" below.