Nomeansno The People's Choice

To mark their 25th year as the world’s pre-eminent spastic jazz-punk combo, the Wright brothers have assembled this collection of songs from about 1985 on. I’m not quite sure how, or more to the point why, they settled on just 15 songs and one disc when there’s an embarrassment of great music to choose from in their back catalogue, but they did. This compilation comes with the input of fans (hence the title) and benefits from the inclusion of a live version of "The Day Everything Became Nothing” and a rough version of "Body Bag” but outside them, these are the studio versions we all know and love. Long-time fans of the band can probably hold off for the re-masters of the back catalogue but for those who wonder where the whole fusion of prog-noodling and punk got its start, this is for you. (AntAcidAudio)