Noah23 Preps New Album, Tour

Noah23 Preps New Album, Tour
Underground hip-hop star Noah23 is set to rule the Canadian rap game in 2008, with his latest album, Rock Paper Scissors. Due out September 23 on his own Plague Language imprint, as well as iTunes via Legendary Entertainment, Rock Paper Scissors promises to be Noah23’s defining artistic statement, something faithful fans have been waiting for since 2004’s Jupiter Sajitarius, the prolific Guelph, ON-based MC’s last proper solo album, not including side-project releases by the likes of the Clout, the Fool, Famous Playaz, Weird Apples, Bourgeois Cyborgs and Crunk23.

With artists from France, Germany, the United States of America, Canada and more on-board, the album’s guest-list is impressive but all eyes are on Noah to see if he can back up his boasts about this long-in-the making new album. Check Noah23 for yourself at select tour dates listed below.

Rock Paper Scissors tracklisting:

1. "Hungry" feat. All Things Invisible (produced by Mr Soch)
2. "Pinball" feat. Gregory Pepper (produced by MadAdam)
3. "Half Drunk" feat. Cadence Weapon (produced by MadAdam)
4. "Crystal Palace" feat. Wormhole (produced by Lord Kufu)
5. "Raw Nukes" feat. Livestock (produced by Small Is Beautiful, aka Jamie Thompson, ex-drummer for the Unicorns & Islands)
6. "Gaia Bacteria" feat. Demune (produced by Playpad Circus)
7. "Faded" feat. Ceschi (produced by Ceschi)
8. "Elephant March" feat. Bleubird & Fidget (produced by Gregory Pepper)
9. "Toy Story" feat. the Main (produced by Gregory Pepper)
10. "Moonlanding" feat. Josh Martinez (produced by Anu Congo)
11. "Rusty Robotz" feat. Baracuda (produced by Anu Congo)
12. "Things Get Done" feat. Modulok (produced by Debmaster)
13. "Give It To The People" (produced by Giovanni Marks)
14. "Ils Persistent" feat. Delectable (produced by Eclekt)
15. "Tragic Comedy" feat. Epic, Sole & K-the-I (produced by Thur Deephrey)
16. "Gothic Cathedral" feat. Hangnail & Homesick (produced by Naval Aviator)
17. "Olfactory Memorial" (produced by Zoen)
18. "Black Ball" feat. Tykus & Wordburglar (produced by Fresh Kils)
19. "Wisdom Teeth" feat. the Sad Clowns (produced by the Sad Clowns)
20. "Dead End Game" feat. Staple Mouth (produced by Riff Raff)
21. "True Romance" feat. Athena & Sankofa (produced by Factor)
22. "Torn Again" feat. Jim Guthrie (produced by Jim Guthrie)
23. "Fame" (produced by MadAdam)

Upcoming Noah23 tour dates:

9/7 Eden Mills, ON - Eden Mills Writers Festival Eden Mills
9/9 Tempe, AZ - Stray Cat Bar & Grill
9/12 San Marcos, CA - Cow Shed
9/13 - Las Vegas, NV - TBA
9/17 – Los Angeles, CA - Low End Theory at the Airliner
9/23 – Bend, OR - Bendistillery Martinibar
9/25 – Portland, OR - Rotture