No Wait Wait No Wait Wait

Although one may want to compare No Wait Wait to Low by the fact that leadman Marc Gartman is close friends with Alan and Mimi, and also that the aforementioned couple also play on this album, there is, luckily, little sonic similarity. Gartman treads the vast field of more straightforward emotional based rock with a few Cars-esque synths thrown in for colour. Most notably seen on first single "The Score,” the synth really wants to be catchy, but somehow moves over to the annoying category. In fact, when Gartman decides to leave the pop factor behind, and sticks to a more rock-based structure, No Wait Wait start to show promise, which is best heard in "Throwing Stones” and its driving chorus. Of course, there is one standout track, "Love’s Lost Cause,” but, weirdly, it eschews the bubbly rock of the rest of the album and goes for the slow, Low-like, emotional build and it works beautifully. Gartman stretches his usual nasal voice to a better range and the delicate, deliberate build puts his emotions front and centre. An uneven affair, it will be interesting, though, to see where No Wait Wait will head from here. (Chair Kickers Union)