No Use For A Name vs. My Family

No Use For A Name vs. My Family
I think this video probably says it all. My parents and my grandma have been trekking down to Florida for the last three winters, although my grandma has been going longer than that, and we spent a lot of time down there as a family back in the days of grade school. Florida is a weird place. This year, I saw a 79 year-old little person eat fire at the Florida State Fair. He was also the last living munchkin from The Wizard of Oz and an Umpa Lumpa in the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. He was eating fire. Weird, right?

This interview was set up knowing we'd be in town at the same time as No Use and Toronto's Flatliners, who were featured in Exclaim!TV EP.8. In fact, this is the second episode of Exclaim!TV where you can hear the Flatliners playing in the background. Check out our first Strike Anywhere interview for the haunting strands of "Eulogy" trying really, really hard to break through the walls. It's always cool and strange seeing people you know from one situation (ie. Toronto) in a totally different place (ie. St. Petersburg), so seeing the Flatliners on stage in a place I had never seen before (and seeing kids I had never seen before singing along to "Fred's Got Slacks") was really, really awesome. Plus, they covered Rocket from the Crypt's "Born in '69", which is bad ass.

No Use are just a totally sweet band. At their best, they are easily one of the greatest pop-punk bands of the last two decades, and at their worst, they're still one of the greatest pop-punk bands of the last two decades. I've seen them play for less than a hundred kids with the same power and energy as when they've been in front of over a thousand. Interesting fact about No Use: I have never seen them play in Toronto. I've seen the band play close to ten times, but always when they've fallen into my lap while out of town; somehow, fate always gets in the way of me ever seeing them on my own turf. It's weird, but I think I plan to keep it that way.

It should be noted that, for about half of this interview, there was a big drunk dude to my right (like, right beside me) in a Strung Out shirt trying to sing "Soulmate" really quietly, but getting the words all wrong. Just under his breath all, "Thursday night's a bigun fight, outcome ola stuphin plight oh oh". Tony and Matt were shockingly focused, though, which I assume comes from years of punk rock training. They also were so insanely into answering questions that weren't about their band, which was awesome. Afterwards, we talked about Toronto, Vancouver, bad interviews, and how cool my grandma is. Righteous dudes.

Check out a full interview with No Use here on Wednesday.

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