No Use For A Name Keep Them Confused

Tony Sly has lost some of his edge, but none of his songwriting abilities, as this latest release from ’90s punk mainstays NUFAN can attest. Surely, long-time fans will always prefer the heavier Leche Can Carne, but Sly’s knack for writing insanely catchy choruses has remained intact over the years, even on the band’s seventh full-length release. A logical progression from their last LP, Hard Rock Bottom, the band are locked tightly in the same groove they’ve been in for the last several years, churning out fast, catchy songs that, while still good, are beginning to sound a little similar to one another. There is no denying Sly’s ability as a songwriter, but he seems to have fallen into the same trap as the Alkaline Trio’s Matt Skiba. Both write great songs, but they’re just not different enough from one another anymore. (Fat Wreck)