No Sinner "Love Is a Madness" (video)

No Sinner 'Love Is a Madness' (video)
Earlier this year, bluesy Vancouver combo No Sinner made their debut with the Boo Hoo Hoo EP. That release already spawned one video, for the title track, but now we've got yet another new one.

This time the band have offered up some visuals for "Love Is a Madness," which according to the PR found the band wanting to convey their sound "alongside the gritty, sweaty, passionate side of being young and in lust."

In a statement, frontwoman Colleen Rennison explained, "When I wrote this song, it was on a dirty kitchen floor in a crazy old house, with Parker Bossley and bottle of wine, so I think the treatment that [director] Caitlin Byrnes and I came up with is fitting. Love is like a hunger that can make you hunt for the wrong prey, and make do things like make love at sunrise in a 1965 Dodge RV with the guy that fucked you over.

"'Love Is a Madness' is a tribute to the wild scene that surrounds No Sinner — all the love, grit and passion that fills the air on those crazy late nights that wander their way into the wee hours of the morning."

Check out the results below, and if you're in Vancouver, you can catch No Sinner live when they open for the Pack A.D. on November 23 at the Commodore.