No Moon Where Do We Go From Here?

No Moon Where Do We Go From Here?
Most electronic music fans are likely aware of Craigie Knowes. The Glasgow label had a strong year in 2018, and certainly made its mark with its consistent output of quality house and electro records, some of which were revelations despite their retro stylistic tendencies.
One of those records was brought to us by the Manchester-based producer Fred Shepherd (aka No Moon), who returns with his second release for the label.
Where Do We Go From Here? is a great amalgamation of Shepherd's own musical trajectory, keeping the melancholic reverie from his initial lo-fi house records, but now, like some of his contemporaries, using the pulse of electro as a template.
He draws another element from the past: '90s breakbeat. Underneath the crystalline synths of "aoe_advancing" is a dynamic interplay between the rigidity of drum machines and the loose sampled drum breaks, switching between one and the other.
But the gem here is the title track, where airy breaks, soft acid squelches and hazy chords and melodies seamlessly converge. It's like a dream within the cosmic expanses of cyberspace, a deep and atmospheric electro breakbeat cut, proving once again that the British producer can do no wrong. (Craigie Knowes)