No Hands Free For All

This is a new band with a lot of history. Formed out of the remaining member of Assemblage Point, No Hands put together this EP earlier in 2004. As Assemblage Point, (who fell apart after the death of their drummer Smitty) were heavily influenced by Jawbox, Sonic Youth and Nirvana, you can expect these tracks to be wonderfully guitar-laden. Though it’s sometimes hard to feel a band out in only the length of four songs, that theory doesn’t exist in this case. No Hands has developed a sincere, razor-sharp brand of rock’n’roll. It is steeped in a moody darkness and pulsates erratically. This is some of the edgiest music to make such an impact in such short time. It’s a surprisingly stunning effort that regards creation as highly as it does noise, and this balance results in a damn good EP. (Roast)