No Age Return with New 12-Inch

No Age Return with New 12-Inch
Noisy Los Angeles rock duo No Age have never suppressed their experimental leanings, but this hasn't always gone over well with audiences, and the band were once even booed off stage for performing an ambient set. Now, the pair have unveiled a new twelve-inch, which finds the band once again ditching their conventional side.

The record is called Collage Culture, and it's available from from Post Present Medium. A listing on the label website describes it like this:

This limited edition record actually consists of two different recorded experiences on either channel. On the right side of your speaker system you will hear excerpts of an essay by Aaron Rose titled The Death of Subculture and Mandy Kahn's Living in the Mess (written for the book COLLAGE CULTURE: Examining the 21st Centuries Identity Crisis) read by various personalities. On the left channel you will hear two pieces of instrumental music written by No Age. Split the channels, or separate them for a different experience. Enjoy and think.

With its two-channel split of spoken word and instrumental music, this concept sounds a bit like "The Gift" by the Velvet Underground (although we're imagining it has less blood-spilling).

The record is available in a pressing of 1,000. Most of these are on black vinyl, but 50 of them will are on purple vinyl. You can order a copy here.

Thanks to the NJ Underground for the tip.