No Age "Six Pack" (Black Flag cover)

No Age 'Six Pack' (Black Flag cover)
It's pretty well known that Los Angeles punk duo No Age have a lot of love for Black Flag. A few years ago, the band's Dean Spunt and Randy Randall teamed up with "Nervous Breakdown" singer Keith Morris and bassist Chuck Dukowski under the portmanteau No Flag, and now the younger side of that equation are saluting their hardcore forefathers with a recorded cover of "Six Pack."

The track, available as part of a 7-inch box tied to an exhibit at Los Angeles' Gallery 88, is pretty faithful to Black Flag's original, rage-soaked loser anthem. A cocktail of vitriol and Schlitz, it hammers along with primitive beats, loose but deadly licks, and seething, self-deflating lyrics.

The song is the A-side of No Age's 7-inch, which finds them tackling the Gun Club's classic "Sex Beat" on the flip. Designer Dana Lecthenberg's project also includes work from Man Man vocalist Honus Honus's Eel Bros and Sean Bonnette.