No-Man Returning Jesus

No-Man is slow-core for older people - sterile and solid, an aural equivalent of Ikea furniture. While they are certainly experimental with their ability to create pop music, the fact that they interlock it with chamber jazz and classical textures makes them a little too conservative for the shoegazer. However, their simple yet perfect mix of organic and electronic sounds are quite reminiscent of '80s dream-pop, almost as if they came to the year 2001 on a time machine from 1985, and in a way makes them sound like forerunners of the genre. Beautiful beds of keyboards lie throughout while vocals with a romantic immediacy whisper close to the listener's ears and time seems to completely slow down while their vignettes of song play. This may be their first full-length album in five years, but their charm is from another plane of time and feel, one that is far beyond that. (Third Stone Ltd)