Nils Petter Molvaer/Various Recolored, The Remix Album

A remix album by various artists such as Cinematic Orchestra, Chilluminati, Pascal Gabriel and Bill Laswell, all of who bring their interpretive slant to of Molvaer's music. These interpretations range in style from acid and psychedelic jazz to deep house to dub. The best remixes on the album appear to be by Cinematic Orchestra, Jan Bang and Herbert's "We" mix. The Cinematic Orchestra sounds like a classic era psychedelic jazz jam session, and Jim Bang's remix of "Dead Indeed" has the vitality and uplifting emotional feel of a city awakening from slumber, hence the apt co-title "7AM mix." The Herbert remix of "Merciful," which starts off with fragile lo-fi vocals that croon a ballad and then are joined by a crunchy rhythmic bass line a minute into the song before the piece unfurls with the accompaniment of instrumental arrangements and the vocals brought into crisp stereo sound, is anthem material that should be placed next to St. Germaine's "Rose Rouge." Recolored is a nice reworking of Molvaer's material. (Universal)