Nikki Sixx Says Mick Mars Is Being "Misled" in Mötley Crüe Lawsuit: "He's a Little Bit Confused"

The bassist doubled-down on longtime manager Allen Kovac accusing the guitarist's legal representatives of elder abuse

Photo: Mick Mars by Glenn Francis (left)

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Apr 24, 2023

The same ol' situation continues: Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx has spoken out on being sued by guitarist Mick Mars in a new interview, probably against the wishes of the band's manager.

A couple weeks back, manager Allen Kovac accused Mars's legal team of elder abuse in an interview with Variety after having reportedly convinced Sixx not to talk to the press himself. The bassist has broken free of management's constraints and recently opened up about the less-than-feel-good situation with Planet Rock.

"If a member of a band tells you that they can't tour because of health reasons, you have two choices," Sixx said, referencing Mars's Ankylosing Spondylitis, which led him to announce his retirement from touring last October. "You can quit as a band [after] 42 years of work. Or we could look at each other and go, 'Are we done yet?!'"

"We're really peaking and we understand [Mick's] health issues," the bassist continued, with the band having replaced the co-founding member with John 5 in their live lineup. "We wish him the best and we know that he's a little bit confused and being misled by representatives right now. But we still have to stay focused on why we're here."

He added of working with John 5, "It's a nice time [for Mötley Crüe] and it's kind of inspired us to write a little bit. We love our history, we're very proud of everything we've done. We've always been really supportive of Mick no matter what Mick was going through. We're just happy with where we're at right now."

Sixx shared in an Instagram post last week that Canadian megaproducer Bob Rock was "pushing us hard and bringing out the best in us" while working on new music in the studio. "When will it come out? Not sure. We haven't thought that far down the line. Just letting the music guide us."
Mars's lawsuit alleged that his former bandmates had held a meeting wherein they "unilaterally" decided to remove him from the Crüe, as well as cutting his profits from 25 percent down to 5 percent. The band claimed that the guitarist had resigned on his own accord, then alleged their live show had suffered from his performance issues.

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