Niki & the Dove Announce North American Release of Debut LP, 'Instinct'

Niki & the Dove Announce North American Release of Debut LP, 'Instinct'
Stockholm, Sweden's Niki and the Dove release their full-length debut Instinct in Europe next week, but fans on this side of the pond will only have to wait a little bit longer for the ethereal electro pop duo to release the set on our shores.

Sub Pop will deliver the collection digitally June 12, with physical versions arriving on CD and double-LP August 7. There will be a few differences between each edition's tracklist. The digital version contains 12 tracks, while the CD will contain the exclusive bonus cuts "The Beach" and "All This Youth." The double-slab of wax will also feature 12 songs, but the vinyl edition contains an extended version of album closer "Under the Bridges."

A few of the album tracks have appeared on previous releases; "The Drummer," "Last Night" and "Mother Protect" popped up on last year's The Drummer EP, while "The Fox" and "The Gentle Roar" were issued on an earlier twelve-inch single.


1. Tomorrow
2. The Drummer
3. In Your Eyes
4. The Gentle Roar

5. Mother Protect
6. Last Night
7. Somebody
8. Love to the Test
9. DJ, Ease My Mind
10. Winterheart
11. The Fox

12. Under the Bridges (extended version on LP only)
13. The Beach (CD only)

14. All This Youth (CD only)