Niki & the Dove

"Mother Protect"

> > Nov 12 2010

Niki & the Dove - "Mother Protect"
By Gregory AdamsAt one point on "Mother Protect," Niki and the Dove singer Malin Dahlström talks about soaring through the air like an eagle. It's a nice mental image, for sure, but considering how much of the track cruises along on an earthy bass rumble and surface noise scratches, it sounds like the act will always be ruefully landlocked. Thankfully, the vocalist gets her wish mid-song as a barrage of faux-woodwinds and other assorted airy synths hurtle the track well into the cosmos. A glorious key change, not to mention a beefed-up club beat, turns the song into the kind of bubbly synth pop jam that Luba would blast on her airship.

Download the Swedish outfit's new tune here courtesy of the Fader and get ready to stick your head in the clouds.

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