Nightmares On Wax In a Space Outta Sound

George Evelyn bounces back from a somewhat disappointing Mind Elevation release in 2002 to a return to form with his fifth record under the Nightmares on Wax moniker. In a Space Outta Sound follows the same formula as his greatest achievements, Smoker’s Delight and Carboot Soul, and though this new release is not as grand as those two gems it still manages to give us some blunted treats in the form of down-tempo grooves. The best bits come in the first half as we get the trademark ode to Quincy Jones in the incredibly snail-paced "Passion,” but things pick up rather nicely with more erratic jams such as the horn-filled "Pudpots,” the nice combo of "The Sweetest” and the reggae influenced "Flip Ya Lid.” Apart from the overly soulful "I Am You,” with an annoying boystrous vocal thrown into the mix, In a Space Outta Sound is quite an enjoyable listen. It’s not nearly as good as Carboot Soul, but fans should be thankful that Evelyn is definitely still in control and is steering Nightmares on Wax in the right direction. (Warp)