Nigel Dawson/Various Progressive Development, Vol. One

Setting the tone with the solid 4/4 of Tarrantella's tribal-infused "Karma," Progressive Development, Vol. One cleanly oscillates between aerobically upbeat tech-edged groove and sketchy techno-fied club funk. Entry level progressive at most, the mix does exude a flavour of the month appeal. However, Progressive Development, Vol. One does benefit from Nigel Dawson's swank mixing, and the beats are as solid and tight as a tennis ball's bounce. Invigoratingly naughty but nice highlights include the tech-heavy "Sin-nuh (Mike Monday Remix)," by Motherlode, and Space Punk's "Another Space," which has an orgasmic quality to the unashamed aerobic thump that would likely wet the pants of most beat junkies. (Whoop!)