Nicky Skopelitis & Raoul Bjorkenheim Revelator

With the additional help of sound sculptors Bill Laswell and recording engineer of the highest depth and clarity Oz Fritz (Tom Waits par example), cool school guitarists Skopelitis and Bjorkenheim create a new type of "oriental" sound, one where normal East/West/North/South positioning do not exist. Amidst a sea of Windy & Carl-esque dronescapes, they insert melodies of nylon string depluming and snake charming that is architectural and oblong in nature. The tablas that are employed throughout are present enough to be considered the groundwork of the project, and finally give the instrument a universal placement, and not the East Indian tag that it is usually applied to it. The comforting and mind stimulating aspects to the music are a perfect accompaniment to a late evening of wine and burning wax, and it might actually stop time for a while and make those candles burn even longer. (Innerhythmic)