Nickelback Teasing 15th Anniversary of 'All the Right Reasons' with Cryptic Video

The album celebrates the milestone this October

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Jan 20, 2020

This October will mark 15 years since Nickelback released their fifth studio album All the Right Reasons, and if a new teaser is any indication, the band are making plans to celebrate the occasion.

A new video shared by the band finds a woman opening a garage to find the black Ford Thunderbird featured on the album's cover.

After a quick check of the trunk, she soon hops in and floors it down an open road while the riff from All the Right Reasons opener "Follow You Home" rings out.

A countdown clock has also appeared on Nickelback's official website, counting down to 12 p.m. EST tomorrow (January 21).

The video's title features the hashtag "#ATRR15," while its description features a lyrical excerpt from the album's "Photograph": "We said someday we'd find out how it feels / To sing to more than just the steering wheel."

All the Right Reasons has sold 12 million copies worldwide, and was certified seven times Platinum in Canada in 2010. The album also features singles "Animals," "Far Away," "Rockstar" and "Savin' Me."

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