Nick Zubeck A Meek Spectacle

A mellifluous acoustic album with piano notes and guitar chords that shimmer like the sun off a rippling pond while billowing lap steel wails accompany song writing and arrangements that are as fluid as a mountain stream. Zubeck has a gentle, crooning voice articulating clever, well-written lyrics that reminds me of John Denver. "The Dying Days of the Sun" and "Freefall From the Fifth Floor" are fine examples of skilful lyrics and expert song arrangement that speaks to the heart, instilling uplifting solace even when the lyrics go a bit sombre. There are also instrumentals like "Jennifer's Theme," a dreamy sentimental piece, whereas "The Puzzling" and "We'll Miss You Mrs. Butler" are a bit more light hearted and quirky, with various cute mechanical noises, yet while still retaining the shimmering acoustic sweetness. A sunshiny wholesome listen, A Meek Spectacle is not so much meek as it is whimsical, and maybe a bit playful, even when Zubeck uses darker lyrical themes. (Independent)