Nick Holder

The Other Mixes

BY Prasad BidayePublished Dec 1, 2004

If you liked the eclectic sound-clash of house, spoken word, neo-soul and underground hip-hop on 2003’s The Other Side, then this collection of remixes is the must-have sequel. The Other Mixes brings in some of the top talents of those scenes and throws sounds from a few other genres for extra measure. The Chicken Lips mix of "Player 1” takes the original’s tech-cool vibe and spikes it up as acidic electro. Ian Pooley keeps the broken beat swing on "On My Mind,” but then pumps it up with a disco anthem during the chorus. A Man Called Adam’s treatment of "Back Again” has a ’60s soundtrack feel with a junglist turn that’s reminiscent of his 1996 classic, "The Jihad.” Harmonic 33 (another Mark Pritchard alias) brings a big-band, jazz-orchestra feel to MC Reign’s call to love on "History In The Making.” The heavy horns and drums have a similar feel on Pete Rock’s version of "No More Dating DJs,” but they don’t really do much to put a new spin on Gemini’s biting satire of macho, yet sexually unsatisfying, vinyl junkies. John Ciafone’s housed up version, on the other hand, not only flips it with it’s subtle keys, but brings the message to an audience that’s dancing at a different tempo.

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