Nice Nice Yesss!

Portland’s Nice Nice have built a reputation on their live electronic music, created spontaneously and recorded off the floor in one take without any overdubs or edits. With Yesss!, the band embarked on their maiden voyage into studio experimentation and the guitar and drum duo have done an excellent job controlling the mix, pushing the levels to the sweet spot between tone and feedback, signal and noise. Nice Nice create IDM inspired by R&B and hip-hop with dancehall reggae kinks in the rhythms; acoustic instruments, vocal harmonies and synthetic rhythm machines melt into a beautiful controlled cacophony. Title track, "Yesss!,” entices one to sing along with it’s simple and catchy hook, but most of this EP is deep listening with a good bump to keep you moving along from track to track. The remix of "Yesss!” by Stars as Eyes adds a little funk in the trunk, making more dance floor friendly grooves out of the original while retaining a sense of the experimental. (Audraglint)