New Swears "Sugar Heavy Metal" (video)

New Swears 'Sugar Heavy Metal' (video)
Having garnered a wild reputation for their live shows and recordings alike, Ottawa punks New Swears recently inked a deal with Dine Alone. The first release from their new label home will arrive as a 7-inch single next month, and Exclaim! is giving you the first listen to B-side "Sugar Heavy Metal."
The track serves as the accompaniment to the previously shared A-side, "Brand New Spot" and despite the song's title, it's neither syrupy sweet nor overly aggressive. Crunchy, twanged-out guitars get mixed with peppy percussion and bop-along vocal melodies.
The accompanying visuals aren't quite so easy to stomach, as band practice quickly devolves into shenanigans that involve tearing apart pillows, cruising the streets in a cape on a moped, and some projectile vomit that clocks serious numbers in both volume and velocity.

"Making this video for us was kind of like harvesting fruit," the band's Sammy J. Scorpion tells Exclaim! "It's tempting to eat that juicy berry on the spot but you'll never taste the sweetness of pie unless you mash things up a bit."
Witness it all go down in the video for "Sugar Heavy Metal" below. The Brand New Spot/Sugar Heavy Metal 7-inch is officially out on November 4.