New Found Glory "Ready and Willing" (video)

New Found Glory 'Ready and Willing' (video)
Pop punk gods New Found Glory are, put simply, eternal. That said, their youthful anthems deserve to be performed by youth, which is why their new video for "Ready and Willing" makes so much sense.

The clip offers a Muppet Babies-esque version of New Found Glory, with each of the band's four members replaced by eerily similar teens. The kid they got to play Jordan Pundik shares the same prominent eyebrows and Morrissey hair, while mini Chad Gilbert looks adorable in his Madball T-shirt.

There's some sort of plot about a band that strikes it big and the fall-out that comes with fame, as well as cameos from all of the band's actual members, but it's mostly worth watching for the New Found Glory teens.

Check out the video for "Ready and Willing" below. Resurrection arrives on October 7 via Hopeless Records.