New Doves Album Set For April

New Doves Album Set For April
After taking a nice, long four-year break, Brit trio Doves have their forthcoming Kingdom of Rust LP all ready for public debut.

Due out April 7 on Astralwerks, the album will mark the band's first since 2005's Some Cities and, what's more, comes with the promise of Doves doing what they do best: "nicely crafted songs."

As previously reported, the band's front-man Jimi Goodwin gave a heads-up on the new record late last year, saying some of the tracks are "really expansive" and "quite emotional," while others fall more in the electronic and even country category.

To get a taste of what Doves have come up with for yourself, you can download the first Kingdom of Rust single, "Jetstream," for free at the group's newly made-over website for the next two weeks.

Doves are reportedly migrating to North America in late spring, but no tour dates have been announced yet over on this side of the Atlantic.

For now, here's the tracklisting:

1. "Jetstream"
2. "Kingdom of Rust"
3. "The Outsiders"
4. "Winter Hill"
5. "10.03"
6. "The Greatest Denier"
7. "Birds Flew Backwards"
8. "Spellbound"
9. "Compulsion"
10. "House of Mirrors"
11. "Lifelines"

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