New Breed Port City Rebels

Initially, the New Breed may seem like the bastard sons of Shane McGowan, the Swingin’Utters, and the Dropkick Murphys. And even though they contain traces of all of those artists, first and foremost they’re maritime Canadians and their heritage shines through on this recording. With mandolin, acoustic guitar, whiskey in hand, and a punk rock ethic, these "Sons of Halifax” are genuine, uplifting, and raw. Hopefully these lads will leave their maritime home and venture forth across Canada to remind everyone of a greater, more complex, natural heritage and to spread their blissful booze anthems. "We’ll drink in every city; we’ll drink in every town, show all the others that there’s more of us around, we are so proud wherever we may be, we are the sons of Halifax.” (LongShot)