Neurosis Announce Souls at Zero Reissue

Neurosis Announce <i>Souls at Zero</i> Reissue
Following the re-release of their seminal 1993 album Enemy of the Sun, San Francisco post-metal pioneers Neurosis will continue their reissue campaign by stepping a year back in their catalogue, taking on Souls at Zero. The album was released by Alternative Tentacles in 1992 and reissued by the band's own Neurot Recordings in 1999. Nearly 12 years after that reissue, they have announced the third release of the album for February 15.

The album was their third album overall, but the first to lay the groundwork for their expansive sound on future albums, incorporating typically non-metal instruments, tribal chants, slower tempos and folk-influenced melodies. The reissue of the album includes demo versions of "Souls" and "Zero," as well as a live version of "Cleanse Iii" taken from a performance in London in 1996.

In addition to the bonus tracks, the reissue features redesigned cover art courtesy of frequent visual collaborator Josh Graham. The band's Wicker Man-esque figure is still prominent in the design, but the text and layout have been updated to match Neurosis's subsequent releases.

 Neurot Recordings will release the new version of Souls at Zero on February 15. It will be available on CD or as a digital download.

Souls at Zero:

1. "To Crawl Under One's Skin"
2. "Souls At Zero"
3. "Zero"
4. "Flight"
5. "The Web"
6. "Sterile Vision"
7. "A Chronology For Survival"
8. "Stripped"
9. "Takehnase"
10. "Empty"
11. "Souls" (demo)
12. "Zero" (demo)
13. "Cleanse Iii" (live In London)