Nein Luxury

Indie-tronic? No, that’s not a genre, but let’s make it one for the purpose of describing the Nein’s second album, Luxury. As they take you through 13 songs, one can find no cracks in the album’s wall of sound manipulation. Delving into a more distorted resonance of musicality, each song makes up a colourful quilt that has been placed on the good, old bed of guitar, bass and drums. The album is kind of like a dizzy spell, bringing its listeners into a weird zone of sways and bustles, creating a black hole of fragmented horns, beeps and moody guitars. With songs like "Wreck-We-Um-Dub” and "Journalist 1,” it seems like the band have been contemplating the loss of hope for the future as the age of technology arises. Perhaps, then, this is an album about nostalgia and irony, as the Nein combine both the old and new, creating music that is fresh without forgetting their roots. (Sonic Unyon)