Need New Body


BY Scott ReidPublished Jan 1, 2006

Known for their remarkable live show, Need New Body return with a sophomoric effort that succeeds importantly where their debut had failed: taking their contagious stage energy and putting it to tape without losing any of its intensity. Effortlessly shifting between twisted pop, avant-garde experimentation, free jazz, new wave and even Tom Waits-ish acoustic balladry, UFO is all over the proverbial map without ever subjecting us to trial-and-error indulgence. Everything seems to just fit into place; even the most random noise or stream-of-consciousness lyrics are perfectly calculated yet seem anything but. With their tongues placed firmly in cheek, Need New Body have pulled off a completely original piece of art that is removed of pretence and is able to be as fun and interesting as it is respectably inventive; truly a rare feat by any measure.
(File 13)

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