Nedelle From the Lion's Mouth

An utter delight, From the Lion’s Mouth will wonderfully appeal to those who believe heaven and earth are found in short pop ditties and an enchanting voice. Nedelle effortlessly wraps her able voice around upbeat melodies that remind one of early Cardigans, especially "Good Grief.” Of course, the catchiest one is easily "The Natural Night” which belies its coffee shop atmosphere with a swooning chorus. Indeed, this record at times is in danger of floating away on its own wafer-thin lightness, but goddamn, her voice just sucks you in with its clarity and plain old loveliness. Sure enough, Nedelle isn’t afraid of throwing some keyboards and poppy instruments into the mix, with "Oh No!” just begging to be played in some twee club night with the hipster librarians in their swirling black and white skirts. Delightful, enchanting and surprising, From the Lion’s Mouth sometimes floats away under its own wispy nature, but before it becomes part of the ether, it sure is fun. (Kill Rock Stars)