Near the Parenthesis Of Soft Construction

San Francisco’s Tim Arndt is the man behind Near the Parenthesis, a whirlwind of soft electronic creations and patchwork sound. Though he’s played in a number of conventional bands over the years, Arndt has been continuously dabbling with experimental music. Of Soft Construction, Near the Parenthesis’ second full-length album, is composed of fragile sounds, all emotionally interconnected, creating a haunting nostalgia. The album is comparable to works by Boards of Canada, as it constructs emotionally charged ambient music that cascades throughout the tracks, inviting and enveloping the listener all in one shot. Of Soft Construction skilfully blends serene synths, as remote bass slowly finds its way into the mix. The result is a poised mixture of layered notes, sounds and ideas coming together to produce an eclectic array of passionate songs. Arndt puts a focus on full instrumental compositions, which perfectly complements the airy soundscape of Of Soft Construction. (n5MD)