The National Parcs Timbervision

The National Parcs, formerly known as Freeworm, drop a concept album centred on environmentally friendly themes. This could be an unwieldy idea in less playful hands but the National Parcs keep their sound fun, funky and pop savvy. Having said that, the best musical moments on Timbervision are big and bouncy. "Powerline,” "Border Patrol” and "Marvels of Animal Behavior” channel highlife, electro and hip-hop into the grooves. Elsewhere, the gospel/blues sounds of "The Swamp” and "Down by the River” further enhance this folk-beat trio’s deeply pastoral vibe. But Vincent Lettelier and Chimwemwe Miller, who collectively write National Parc’s music and lyrics, flip these beats around by weaving together slapping paddles, wood being chopped and other organic samples into their songs. The National Parc’s third member, Ian Cameron, adds a visual element to the band’s sound with his quirky VJ mixes of their tunes. Check out Cameron’s video work on the CD-Rom included with the disc. (Audiogram)