Nathan Haines Squire for Hire

Nathan Haines may play tenor sax just like Kenny G but don’t be confused, Squire for Hire bares no resemblance to G’s signature song "Songbird.” Haines is truly a new breed of jazz musician who is able to transcend the parameters of jazz even further into previously uncharted waters. His sound is refreshingly revitalising and experimental enough so as not to piss off any hardcore jazz fans. It is not everyday that an album surprises the hell out of you but Squire for Hire will do just that. Some tracks have a funky, rhythmic staccato sound, like "O Misterio” "Nothing New” and "The Last Dance (Make It Good)” while others are for those who can appreciate spoken word mixed to hype beats, like the track "Let It Go.” The eclectic sound of this album is topped off with the deep house single "Right By Your Side” as Haines is joined by the likes of Louie Vega, Timmy Regisford and Roy Ayers. What you’ll like about Squire for Hire is that while some tracks immediately just jump out at you as incredibly soulful and sweet-sounding, like "U See That” and "Doot Dude” there are also delicate and subtle jazz ballads that sooth the ear. (Chilli Funk)