Nat Baldwin "In the Hollows" (video)

Nat Baldwin 'In the Hollows' (video)
While Dirty Projectors bassist Nat Baldwin's future holds the release of his new LP, In the Hollows, the experimental pop artist is giving us a glimpse of the past in his home movie-styled clip for the record's title track.

The vintage visuals initially put a bunch of kids on display, with grainy super 8 footage capturing dress-up time, mugging for the camera and more. It later becomes a multi-generational affair, with a barbecue plumping up franks for the family, and other candid moments showing off the smiles of adults and sled riding youths. Atop the cello-heavy chamber pop arrangement, Baldwin sings of "fears, hopes, dreams, and dread," but the nostalgic video puts an otherwise rosy glow on the effort.

In the Hollows arrives April 29 through Western Vinyl.

Nat Baldwin - "In The Hollows" from Holler Presents on Vimeo.