Nashville Pussy High As Hell

High as Hell is the much anticipated second full-length album from Nashville Pussy. The main difference here from Let Them Eat Pussy is the big change in song tempo. Where as the band used to be known as much for their speed as they were for their scrappiness, the rapid-fire attack of their previous work has been replaced with a solid, medium-fast boogie. This change sure doesn't get in the way of their bad attitude, though, and maybe even showcases the subject matter of violence, dope and "getting a piece of ass" all the more. There are so many gun references on this record it would put most rappers to shame, with "Shoot First, Run Like Hell" and "Wrong Side of the Gun" spotlighting this fixation. "She's Got the Drugs" keeps Nashville Pussy up with their competition, putting the importance of getting wasted as up front as the Supersuckers and Zeke have been doing of late. In a not-too-surprising move, the old Rose Tattoo standard "Rock and Roll Outlaw" is dragged out for another kick at the can and is covered competently by the band. All the lyrics push the Southern bad ass envelope, but the Skynard-esque ballad "Go To Hell" definitely takes the cake, if only for the line, "smile on her face, a dick in each hand, guilt running down her chin." All in all, this record just doesn't quite have the excitement and energy of the first, but it still has some kick ass moments and provides the important service of mapping out the main cornerstones of the white trash lifestyle. (TVT)