Narrator Such Triumph

The first several seconds of this album are deceiving sounds of droning blandness and faux oddities, but the opening track, "New Blood/New Weather,” turns into something entirely different before you can finish rolling your eyes. As the song turns this corner the sound takes on a much more defined style, one that is established with burnt-out, indistinct aggression. Soon after it becomes obvious that these guys probably don’t’ give too much consideration about who’s listening, and it’s this kind of attitude that suits the Narrator so well. "Ergot Blues” is a standout track that reels and crashes as the vocals are half-sung half-wrenched in a suppressed sense of urgency. "This Party’s Over” is another track that deserves a second listen as it leaks out tinges of ’90s nostalgia. The Narrator certainly aren’t out to revolutionise the music industry, but it’s easy to settle for the heedless disquiet they’ve got going on here. (Flameshovel)