Nardwuar the Human Serviette vs. Thomas Mulcair

Nardwuar the Human Serviette vs. Thomas Mulcair
The Canadian federal election has got Nardwuar going Hip Flip crazy. After roping in Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau for some post-press conference swervin' last week, the tam-topped wonder has revealed that he's managed to track down the NDP's Thomas Mulcair for a round of the children's game too. Of note, he also managed to get in a few Q's.

As you'll see down below, Nardwuar went one-on-one with Mulcair during a recent campaign stop in BC, where he quickly grilled the opposition leader about how much Tommy Douglas-related swag he's got back at home. Mulcair said that he's visited the old Douglas home and received a CCF pin or two from supporters.

Nardwuar, being Nardwuar, then brandished a vinyl box set of Douglas speeches and another platter from former foreign minister Flora MacDonald. Mulcair would note that his own vinyl collection included the Beatles and the Stones.

Without spoiling things too much, Mulcair's Hip Flip was one for the ages. It actually seemed to shock the Human Serviette. You can see it all go down below.

Nardwuar still has a few weeks left to get Green Party Leader Elizabeth May and Prime Minister Stephen Harper to do the Hip Flip with him. Fingers crossed, everybody.

The Canadian federal election will be held October 19.