Narc Internal Use Only

A deliciously dark, atmospheric industrial recording with the odd heavily distorted rhythm track coupled with sounds of screaming vacuousness. The majority of these pieces are on the cusp of being astructural, with just enough compositional direction breathed in to give it form. The album evokes visions of vicious battles against machines on post-apocalyptic wastelands and in the screaming emptiness of space, with moments of high impact carnage. The title track on this album is the best here, working high-pitched frequencies with moody electronic rhythmic patterns. The only pieces on this album that seem out of place are "Infraction" and the untitled "Track 11," due to their conventional synth sound, which seems out of place amidst the raw noise and destruction. The bulk of this album, however, takes industrial back to its experimental, adventurous roots and away from the trappings of market-driven terminology that has stigmatised and damaged the genre. (Deterrent)