Nap Attack! Choose Your Own Adventure

Apparently this band is barely into their 20s, and while you can sense that through their self-depreciating band name, they seem to have ability beyond their years. Specialising in rapid shifts in tempo and tone, Nap Attack! differentiate themselves from other math rock bands due to the light and delicate feel to most of the five songs here. To further the point, the longest track here is five minutes, which goes to show that Nap Attack! may be one of the few instrumental math/post-rock bands to believe in the power of brevity. On the third track, "Cruisin’ USA,” the band keeps things moving briskly, while also experimenting with echoes and reverb and the overall effect is one of buoyancy and charm, rather than a rigorous exercise through as many time signatures as is humanly possible. The loudest points on the album come on the fourth track, but it seems more like the band is angry at their teachers or bullies, than railing against consumerist society. A trip on the lighter side of instrumental noodling, this is one math rock experience you can bring home to your parents. (Monosyllabic)