Namelessnumberheadman Your Voice Repeating

The 11 interesting but mostly non-confrontational tunes that grace this third disc from Kansas City-based Namelessnumberheadman are fairly straight-ahead alternative rock with a touch of ’90s Brit pop and darker experimentations added for flavour. While this disc is melodic and certainly worthy of repeat listens, initially there are only a few stand-out tracks here, namely the instrumental "Tension Envelopes” (which grooves) and the powerful "(At Least) Three Cheers for Cause & Effect.” The songs themselves drift between more upbeat numbers, haunting ballads and spacey, atmospheric adventures into droning soundscapes. Namelessnumberheadman are not afraid to be experimental in how they serve up their vocals and the intentional lo-fi recording techniques (and equally lo-fi cover art) used on Your Voice Repeating give it a sort of a "jamming in a dirty bar” authenticity that lends itself very well to the angsty offerings held by the lyrics. This would be best described as an album to lie on your bed and daydream to, the heavier tracks bring back fond memories of the brooding high school years. (The Record Machine)