Nails 'You Will Never Be One of Us' (album stream)

Nails 'You Will Never Be One of Us' (album stream)
Oxnard, CA aggressors Nails officially set themselves apart from the rest of the pack tomorrow (June 17) with the release of their third full-length, You Will Never Be One of Us. If you wanted to get pummelled ahead of time, though, you can listen to the trio's violent, lightening-quick assault online now.

The record begins with the title track, a wicked call-out against those that are poisoning the metal and hardcore scenes from within. Guitarist/vocalist Todd Jones barks up bile over hammer-drop blast beats, mashed chords and from-the-depths bass damage on tracks like "Friend to All," "In Pain" and the also-antagonistic "Parasite."

There's a bit of room to breathe on "Violence Is Forever" and eight-minute album closer "They Come Crawling Back," but Nails' approach is still mighty ruthless.

You can sample the band's aggro activity down below, courtesy of the Independent, while You Will Never Be One of Us hit stores tomorrow through Nuclear Blast.

Nails play Toronto and Montreal next week on their tour with Full of Hell. You'll find all of the date and venue details over here.