MYTHS "The Horizon" (Grimes + Majical Cloudz remix)

MYTHS 'The Horizon' (Grimes + Majical Cloudz remix)
Following last year's self-titled debut, terrifying Vancouver electronic duo MYTHS are preparing to tide fans over with the stop-gap release of the Deadlights EP on One Big Silence. A digital release is scheduled for October 16 with a vinyl version to follow sometime after that. The collection includes a version of "The Horizon" remixed by Grimes and Majical Cloudz.

With its dreamy synths and echo-soaked vocals, this reworking has a distinct Grimes flavour. Unlike the original version from MYTHS, this one is more daydream than nightmare, with lounge-ready rhythms and a haze of tuneful synths.

The Deadlights EP also includes the title track, which appeared on last year's debut album.

MYTHS are currently on tour in North America with Grimes and Elite Gymnastics. See their joint schedule here.