My Vitriol Finelines

Whoever said grunge and shoegazing were finished should try telling that to My Vitriol in a dark alley. This British four-piece combines the two past movements in a perfect way to create their own brand of guitar rock. Their debut album, Finelines, originally came out in the UK last year, but is now seeing the light of day here. Technically, distraught teens should be all over My Vitriol's Billy Corgan-esque signature angst-ridden lyrics and heavy wall of noise. There are songs to thrash around to ("The Gentle Art of Choking"), songs to hate your parents to ("C.O.R. (Critic Oriented Rock)"), songs to inspire love ("Pieces"), and songs for the heavy modern rock radio stations ("Cemented Shoes"). Of course, most of it sounds like Nirvana meets Ride, but it could be worse - imagine Tad meets early 18 Wheeler. (Epic)