My Epic Yet

My Epic's debut LP, I Am Undone, soared with intense melodies and aggressive moments, and the trio further that foundation on Yet. "Author" opens the ten-track sophomore disc with blazing guitars and pounding drums that suddenly cut out as Aaron Stone's soft voice is accompanied by tinkering guitar. The song doesn't have a set chorus, moving from section to section, but is highlighted by group vocals that heighten the experience. However, the album does falter, with sections that go nowhere. "Rich" begins with Stone sounding deadpan, and the quiet lull of the song doesn't draw the listener in until the tempo picks up halfway through. My Epic are a highly experimental band, so if a track doesn't immediately make an emotional connection it falls flat quickly. But those moments are few; "Pour" and "Further Up/Further In" are other highlights showcasing the band's ability to mix dark melodies and aggression with a unique twist. (Dreamt)